At Chandler Physical Therapy & Sport Rehab we help our patients achieve their goals in an environment that exemplifies integrity, trust and outstanding customer service. We are committed to building strong, rewarding and lasting relationships with our patients, referral sources and community.

The experience I had with Jeff and his staff exceeded my expectations on many levels. I received the highest quality care I could imagine and the outcome was better than I could have hoped for. Best of all was the fact that my time there was fun and the therapy never felt like work! I recommend Jeff and his staff to anyone who needs PT and wants to feel better!

– John Brais

Customer Reviews

I will totally miss the people. I feel like I have made new friends for life. I would not be back at work in less than 3 months if it were not for Chandler PT.

Lynn Vogler

The entire group of employees were friendly, helpful, and thoughtful. This created an environment of people who are caring, knowledgeable and professional. I would highly recommend your practice to any and all of my friends.

Sandra Hoback

Chandler Physical Therapy has surpassed even my highest expectations. All patients are treated with the same unparalleled care and respect regardless of age, occupation, or athletic ability. Treatment is customized to the individual’s unique situation; unlike the cookie cutter approach taken by many of their competitors. The employees actually like what they do and it shows. I would highly recommend Chandler Physical Therapy.

Juli G.

I came in to the office with a pain rating of 7 and I am leaving with no pain at all. The dry needling really did the trick.

Tracy Powers

I would recommend the therapists here at Chandler Physical Therapy to anyone. I have seen them treat all different kinds of problems with pain for different people. They are really great!

Linda Flynt

I was very impressed by the expertise of my therapist and by the way the entire staff interacted with each other and patients to keep things moving. Great experience and I highly recommend Chandler PT.

Patricia Siceloff

A friendly, caring, patient-centered practice that delivered great results. Thank you so much!

Anne Westbrook

Fear is often a deterrent to getting help. At 98 years old, thinking of needles being inserted in my neck was a block of seeking relief it might bring. The reassurance and confidence from the staff got me started and now I am reaping the benefits. Prayers of thanksgiving for this group of caring professionals.

Dorothy Lewis

I was feeling discouraged with my pain level and numbness. I thought surgery would be the only fix. Through physical therapy with Sherry, I am so grateful to feel relief and now don’t see surgery in my future. I would recommend Chandler to anyone, especially someone who may feel that surgery is the only option.

Amy Guyer

When I started coming to physical therapy, I thought I was stuck with the pain and mobile restrictions. After sharing my challenges with the staff and therapist, not only did I feel heard and validated, I felt empowered! They all provided a caring nature and gave me the tools and education I needed to heal, grow stronger, and move with no pain!

Marianna Bowen

This office is the most helpful, caring, and efficient therapy office I’ve been treated at, and I’ve been to 5 others.

Carlene Ramsey

This is by far the best physical therapy place around. I had lots of fun while I recovered. It’s a very positive environment with amazing people.

Lyo Ballard

I received very personalized care specific to how I was progressing. My therapist and the techs were super friendly and helpful. I always felt like they went out of their way to not only treat my problem, but to give me personal attention.

Lynn Skinner

Jeff and all his staff have been a small second family while I have dealt with my tendonitis. If you are looking for a physical therapist in town, I would highly recommend Chandler PT &Sports Rehab.

Howie Ledford

I came to Chandler Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab after years of pain in my left heel. Thanks to Jeff Chandler and his staff I have normal function in my heel and am pain free!  

Jeff Porter

I am so grateful to have been referred to Chandler for 4 different problems. All therapists are top notch in new procedures. They work beautifully together. The office staff provided such cheerful responses & were so understanding of all 4 therapists with which I have been treated. Jeff Chandler & staff made me feel like a new person. I felt like they were family. They care!!

Jean Rudolph

The experience I had with Jeff and his staff exceeded my expectations on many levels. I received the highest quality care I could imagine and the outcome was better than I could have hoped for. Best of all was the fact that my time there was fun and the therapy never felt like work! I recommend Jeff and his staff to anyone who needs PT and wants to feel better!

John Brais

I went to a football game for the first time in three years thanks to Jeff Chandler. I even walked the distance from parking to stadium and cruised the student store with my teenager! Previously it was pure torture to walk from my bed to the bathroom. I have a life back!

Mary Hampton

I want to thank you and your staff for making physical therapy an enjoyable and beneficial experience. ASTYM is the best worst pain with remarkable results.

Diana Lodding

I praise God for choosing your place of healing for me. WOW did He pick such a special group of loving, caring, dedicated disciples to take care of one of His sheep.

Linda Carter

How do you brag about 2 on the job injuries? The only way I’ve found is to go with Jeff Chandler Physical Therapy. I’ve been here twice now and both times the results were excellent. I would not go anywhere else for physical therapy and would like to thank Jeff and his staff for this awesome experience.

James Roberts

A few months ago I could barely walk without pain. I tried numerous exercises on my own, but with no success. After spending time at Chandler Physical Therapy, learning rehabilitation techniques and working with the supportive staff, I’m back running again. I never could have done it without them!

Nikki Glover

Jeff, your gift of healing has been a blessing for me and a great deal of that has been the kindness, caring, and gentleness I’ve found in your practice. Thank you so much for allowing our Father to use you as a wonderful blessing in many lives.

Margaret Brown

Jeff and his staff are awesome! They are knowledgeable about all aspects of therapy and patient care. They go that extra mile to get you, the patient, back to 100% or even better!

Scott Bracken

Chandler Rehab is helpful, caring, and supportive. Thanks for helping me feel better.

Angela Spach

The staff here is wonderful and easy to get along with. It made my experience here very enjoyable and actually looked forward to the next session.

Paul Ashby

I came in with very bad upper back and neck pain. After therapy and home exercises that Jeff showed me, I’m almost pain free and my stiff neck is very much improved after only three weeks of therapy.

Beverly Davis

Jeff’s office is very professional and friendly. From the first day I walked into the office I was greeted by my name and felt very comfortable. The staff is great. I would and will recommend him to family, friends, and strangers.

Carolyn Setzer

I am doing so much better after a few weeks of therapy. Now I can do the things I enjoy again. Thanks so much!

Hannah Schrum

When I first started coming here to see Jeff my left foot was in so much pain I was walking with a limp. Now after seeing Jeff I feel like I have a brand new foot. It is so much better. Thank you everyone here!

Kenny Doby