About Us

Personalized | Compassionate | Results Driven

Our Mission

Chandler Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab is committed to providing advanced and highly skilled physical therapy in a personalized, compassionate and cost effective manner. By combining the art and science of physical therapy, we are able to create a meaningful and rewarding patient experience that results in exceptional outcomes. We help our patients achieve their goals in an environment that exemplifies integrity, trust and outstanding customer service. Chandler Physical Therapy & Sport Rehab is locally owned and operated. We are committed to building strong, rewarding and lasting relationships with our patients, referral sources and community.

Customer Service

Feels Like Family
We want you to feel like family. Being in pain and having limitations in your activities can be discouraging and frustrating. We want you to feel valued and enjoy your experience in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

Evidence Based Practice

Proven Methodologies
Research has shown that the implementation of evidence based techniques and methodologies early in treatment result in better outcomes in a fewer number of visits.

Individual Treatment

A Personalized Experience

At Chandler Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine patients receive individual treatment with the same therapist. This results in better continuity in care and fewer visits!



Commitment to Clinical Excellence
Our staff consists of highly trained professionals ready to help you get better. We accomplish this by developing our skills through advanced continuing education courses, and staying up to date with the latest research based techniques and treatment methodologies. Your treatment will be customized to your particular condition, needs and goals.

Manual Therapy

Advanced Hands
We provide advanced hands on treatment such as joint and soft tissue mobilizations. This is widely supported in the research and will be an integral and foundational part of your recovery process.


Understand your injury
By educating our patients with an understanding of their injury, we are empowering them to take an active role in their rehabilitation process.


Everyone's on the Same Page
We feel that communication is key to a great experience both with the patient and referral source. Your referring physician will receive a written report following your initial exam and monthly reports outlining areas of limitations and the progress you have made. In addition, we will send a report with you to your next follow up appointment with your physician.